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Pricing Your Art

Pricing your art is a very subjective topic. I’ve seen posts about it in dozens of different places all with a slightly different take on it. But I’ve also seen the question posed in MANY of the art groups I’m in. This is my take on it and how I determine my prices.

Keeping A Business Going When Mother Nature Strikes

My business strategy for handling natural disasters as an artist and small business owner. What worked, what didn’t work. What we learned as a family and as a small business… .and what my plans are to mitigate risk moving forward.


Spooniepreneur? Spoonie? What? If you’re not familiar with spoon theory, or know someone who battles chronic illness/disability, spoon theory is likely a foreign concept to you. Find out what it is, how it applies to yours truly, and just what exactly a spooniepreneur is.

Art therapy VS art as therapy. And WHY it is so important to understand the difference. A snippet from my presentation at the Brain Injury Association of America - Maine conference yesterday. Raw and unedited (except for the addition of the subtitle ;) ).

Posted by Shawna N.M. Barnes - Sculptor on Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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    Huge shout out to my friend Shawna!! I commissioned her to create sculptures of my mom's pups as a surprise for her birthday. She absolutely loves them! Shawna created so many details based on some videos and a photo I sent to her. If you're looking for a unique gift, check out her work!
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    This was a gift from my husband that brought me to tears. Shawna did a fabulous job memorializing my beloved dog, Zeke, from photos, right down to the on-up/one-down ear, his green blankie, his brown-tipped tail, his "I am the King" pose, and of course, his tennis ball obsession.
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    The artisanship that is involved in this Phoenix tile is exquisite. The colors and detail evoke a story that leaps off the tile and makes you want to hear its story. It makes me smile every time I look at it.
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    You do so much more than just excellent rendering the physical characteristics of the breeds; you capture intensity, loyalty, and intelligence.  Your works are compelling and meaningful.