Welcome to my artist’s website where I delve into my life as a ceramic sculptor. I LOVE creating animals with big personalities; imbuing them with human like characteristics and personas!!

     In addition to sculpting, I am an advocate for using a creative outlet as part of a self-care regimen. I share these beliefs as well as provide tips on my Facebook page and throughout my blog.

     Within this site, you’ll find all kinds of awesome things. Galleries of my completed sculptures and commissions, my artist biography and statement, various tutorials, blog posts about my journey as a differently-abled artist, articles about arts accessibility, my membership / subscription based content, and more! You can access all of this wonderful content using the menu bar at the top.

     Interested in reading about my life as a disabled artist?

    Want to learn ways to overcome different hurdles in the studio?

     Or maybe you’re looking for different clay tutorials? Or maybe non-clay tutorials (I do dabble in resin casting my originals after all).

     All that and more can be found in my BLOG. So if you have a minute or five, I’d encourage you to check it out. If you keep scrolling there is a random list of recent posts below.

MEDIA – to check out the interviews, podcasts, articles, and guest blog posts I’ve been featured in/on, check out my media appearances page!


In 2018 I was afforded another opportunity to expand my (out)reach even more. I was invited to apply and was selected to be a teaching artist leader for the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative . 


     Starting in 2017, my love of helping others and clay elevated to the next level when I began teaching art classes at the Travis Mills Foundation.  In 2018, I was invited back and continue to teach these classes during each retreat.