Artist Statement

     I have been a studio artist since 2011.  From the moment my hands touched clay, I knew I’d found my calling.  Clay is forgiving.  It takes on a new form with each touch, moving from a lump of clay to an expression of various human emotions and experiences.  It has given me a voice.  A way to communicate my message to the world.  Usually that message is one of joy and to provoke smiles from the audience. 

Since 2011, I have experimented with many creative outlets. I think that this is a vital part of my arts in health work as it demonstrates that it’s OKAY to explore new possibilities and ideas.  It’s also okay to acknowledge that you want to create for creating’s sake. I’ve recently made the revelation that when I was trying to turn my passion into a vocation, the passion was draining away. When I allowed myself to take a step back and just create – it came back in spades. Finding this balance and this kind of clarity is hard for anyone, but especially difficult for artists. 

     I no longer have a singular medium that I work in.  I used to be a “ceramic purist” when I first started, thinking that I had to do things a specific way to prove I was a skilled artist. I have since moved beyond that and work in the medium that is best for both what I am creating AND for my level of ability for the day/project.

When creating in stoneware clay (the kind that gets fired in a kiln) I utilize mostly cold finish techniques on my sculptures (you can find more information about them HERE).  The cold finish techniques I use are:

*Acrylic Paint * Pan Pastels * Watercolor Paint * Heat Set Glass Enamels/Paints * Commercial & Printed Decals (NOT Fired)

     One of the best parts about being an artist…is that I am ALWAYS learning.  As I continue to develop my own techniques, I find myself wanting to experiment to see how far I can push the boundaries of what I’m doing. 

In 2018, I began creating small original sculptures, making rubber molds of them, and then casting them in resin.

In the summer of 2019 I began creating using polymer clay. This has opened up a whole slew of doors that I am excitedly exploring.

Also in 2019, I have been sharpening my graphic design and photo restoration skills.


I am a creative.  And I am loving all of the creative outlets I have to help get me through this thing called life.