The realm of possibilities and alternate realities.  Where animals walk and talk like humans do in a futuristic steam powered world.  Barnegonia (pronounced Barn-ah-go-knee-ah) is a place where the magical and fantastical occur on a daily basis.  

     Unfortunately, that’s all I’m at liberty to say until Persia gets back.  She’s a Glaucous Macaw and our resident oral history narrator.  She and Herodotus are working together to finally create a written record from our oral history narratives.  Herodotus has been around almost as long as we have… He’s a Galapagos Tortoise you see… quite old.  Just don’t tell HIM that. You’d never know it by the way he acts.

     I guess it would be okay to begin introductions… there’s no harm in that, right?  ESPECIALLY if they volunteer… OH! and I should probably introduce myself too, huh?  I’m  Andee – a chincilla.  I’m the official welcoming party for all visitors to Barnegonia!  I’ll do a more in depth introduction later.  Gotta run for now!

     Hey there.  I’m George. George Giraffe.  These spot pockets are GREAT for collecting things!  Guess that’s how I got my title…the collector.  I can’t help it. I love all the little baubles and shiny things.  And with me being so tall… it keeps all the little grabby hands away from my treasures.  Guess I’ll be off now. I heard there were some great widgets and doo-dads on the other side of Barnegonia!  I’m sure I’ll be seeing ya around. 

     Make sure you’re nice to Andee. She works hard at making sure all our visitors feel welcome.  She won’t lead ya astray.  And Shawna too.  She’s a human, but she’s nice enough.  She makes these fun sculptures in our likeness.  If you click on the our pictures, you can see if she has any available, or at least find out how to get your own.  Not gonna lie… it’s a little weird seeing your face on the interwebs… alright then.  Bye!

All line drawings and 2d artwork depicted throughout Barnegonia is the work of artist Rachel Kallenbach. Reproduction is not allowed without written consent from both Shawna and Rachel.