Brain-Based Strategies to Cultivate Positive Learning Environments

Thankful for the opportunity to be a presenter at the 4th Annual Assessment for Learning & Leading Conference! My topic – “Gateways to creativity, growth, and recovery”. Read More

BIAA – My First Speaking Engagement

Read all about Shawna’s first speaking engagement at the Brain Injury of America’s 2018 Maine State Conference. Lots of lessons learned! Read More

I’m Getting a Handcycle!!

Thanks to The Homeland Heroes Foundation, I have been afforded the opportunity to get a Lasher handcycle and participate in my first 5k ever with the “Run for our Troops” event in April. Find out how you can help support me and these amazing organizations. Read More

PRESS RELEASE – Doc Wins Honorable Mention

Maine artist, Shawna N.M. Barnes, wins honorable mention for her sculpture “Doc the Ambulance Dog” at the show “The Incredible Feet” hosted in Grand Junction, Colorado, by the Veteran’s Art Center. Read More

Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

This summer has been crazy busy both in my family life and in my studio practice.  I HAD several consignment contracts and recently acquired two additional wholesale accounts.  After some hard self reflection I came to the realization…that I am a HORRIBLE consignment vendor.  To those who have me as a consignment vendor/artist, let this Read More