Overcoming Hand Weakness

As a differently abled artist, finding new ways of using odd tools is part of my “job”. When my body doesn’t want to work the way I want it to, it forces me to get creative. Find out how I solved the problem of my fingers not wanting to push clay around. Read More

WIP Wednesday – Indian War Elephant

Work In Progress – Indian War Elephant   Right now, I’m working on my 5th sculpture in my “Animals of War” series.  The first four have all been dogs of war.  With this piece, I wanted to push my boundaries.  Not only in changing up the species I’m sculpting, but also the SIZE.  It’s DOUBLE Read More

Clay as Therapy

Clay Therapy As you may or may not know, my medical retirement from the Army is what led me down the path to finding clay.  I was retired in July 2011 and took my first pottery class in October the same year.  This was before I began having neuropathy and weakness in my legs and Read More