Intro to Arts Accessibility

Welcome to the basic introduction to arts accessibility.  In this course, we will look at the 5 key areas - as I've defined them - of arts accessibility barriers. You'll learn what those areas are, how to begin to identify which of your students or learners may be facing one of these barriers to access, and I'll be sharing some examples of different ways you could break through these barriers.

What this course WILL cover/provide:

  • an introduction to and awareness of different barriers you may not have even realized existed for your students
  •  a few examples of different ways to overcome those barriers
  • access to a private Facebook group to discuss arts access topics

What this course will NOT cover/provide:

  • an in depth or focused look at each of the access barriers (separate course coming soon)
  • how to create adaptive aids for your students in the classroom or studio (separate course coming soon)
  • how to apply for or get funding for adaptive equipment

If you are an educator and your district allows you to acquire CEU's and/or contact hours, I am able to provide you with CONTACT HOURS.  Please print out the certificate and keep for your records.  Some school districts require continuing education credits instead of contact hours.  Unfortunately, I am not able to offer a CEU certificate.  Completion of this introductory course provides you with two (2) contact hours.

Module 1 Introduction
Lesson 1 Hello and Welcome!
Lesson 2 Welcome Video Extras
Module 2 IAA Certificate of Completion
Lesson 1 Certificate of Completion