Big Wook the Pigeon Carrier

Big Wook, might seem like an odd choice for a name…but I found out that the Airedale’s nick name is the Wookie dog! And it’s also the nick name of my own dog (NOT an Airedale.. he’s a GSD)… Very fitting indeed. 🙂 Carrier pigeons were often used during WWI to transport messages back and forth. These pigeons were then transported/carried themselves by a variety of dogs and horses. During the First Battle of the Marne, pigeons were shown to be the most effective means of getting messages to the French headquarters. ( I chose to sculpt the Airedale because it was a breed I haven’t tackled yet. 🙂 

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Completed  April 2017 

Finished Size

13″h X 6″w X 13.5″d





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