Doc the Ambulance Dog

Based on actual WWI/WWII ambulance dogs. They were trained to seek out the wounded and lead those who were able to walk back to the medical tent. “…Captain von Stephanitz, in his book on the German shepherd, described the ambulance dog as a “German product.” He explained that it was originally intended to amalgamate messenger and ambulance dog training, “but it was soon realised that a combination of such different tasks was not suitable. So far as I know, a man from Dusseldorf, the animal painter Herr Bungartz, was the first to call attention to the necessity of making a radical distinction between these two types of Army Service dogs. In 1893 he then founded the “Deutscher Verein fur Sanitatshunde” (the German Society for Ambulance dogs)….” –

Sculpted in a mid range stoneware (^6), fired to near vitrification, with a *cold* (meaning not glaze or underglaze) finish of acrylic paint, Pan Pastels and sealant.


Click on any of the images to get a closer look at Doc

Completed December 2016

Finished Size: 12″h X 5″w X 10″d

*** Price *** $2,100   (UNavailable)

Do you want to see more behind the scenes images of HOW Doc was made? 

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