Smokey the Trench Dog

Based on actual WWI / WWII trench dogs. They were often used to transport messages – and cigarettes – along the trenches full of Soldiers. Smaller breed animals were used since they could move along the trenches full of Soldiers a little easier than the larger breeds. Smaller French bull dogs, or Boston Terriers were often pups of choice. At least those were the most frequent photos I was able to find when looking for reference pictures. 🙂
Sculpted in a mid range stoneware (^6), fired to near vitrification, with a *cold* (meaning not glaze or underglaze) finish of acrylic paint, Pan Pastels and sealant.

Click on any of the images for a closer look of Smokey.

Completed January 2017

Finished size
14″h x 7.5″w X 10″ d

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