Pet Memorials

     Many of the commissions I get are to pay honor/tribute to a beloved pet.  Some are sculpted of the pet while they are still with the family, but often times it’s as a tribute once they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.  This is part of my job that I love.  I love knowing that I get to help a family with the grieving process of loving a furry member of their family, and providing an heirloom quality memento. Here you can see the photo reference I was given to work from and the finished piece.

     Do you have a beloved furbaby I can help you honor?  Visit the COMMISSIONS tab and fill out the information to begin the commission process.

Judicial - 2018
Basset Hound Sculpture
Benz - 2018
Bella - 2017

   Disclaimer – The above are examples of commissions. Their inclusion here does not mean that they have crossed the rainbow bridge. This is just a sampling of the commissions I’ve done of a beloved pet.

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