Here you’ll find examples of my steampunk themed animal sculptures.  If there’s one you’re just dying to have but it’s listed as sold, send me a commission request and I can make one just for you!

     If you’re looking for more information about the realm that these amazing critters thrive in, check out Barnegonia

George Giraffe – Collector

     Meet George Giraffe.  He’s our local collector, as you can see.  He loves all things shiny.  When he’s good and ready I’ll let him tell ya his story.

(George has sold. You can request a piece like George by filling out the information request form under the commissions tab)

Paullie Puffin – Lighthouse Keeper

     Meet Paulli Puffin.  She’s our best lighthouse keeper.  As a Maine native, that shouldn’t be any surprise though.  That Atlantic Puffins in Maine are tough ole birds!

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