For a while now, on just about every social media feed I have – including this blog – I have mentioned my handicap accessible studio.  It is my BIG GOAL at the moment and I admittedly have blinders on.  It is what I am working towards because I firmly believe that once it gets built, sooooo many more doors will open for me.

  • I will be in a better space with climate control capabilities which will allow for to work better and more efficiently (a few of my disabilities are temperature sensitive, making it hard to work in environments that are too hot or too cold)
  • I will have designated work areas for all the different types of work I do to cut down on cross contamination (hopefully this will cut down on explosions in the kiln! haha)
  • The space to create and store finished pieces without fear of breakage
  • A place to welcome the public in for open houses AND classes…which means..
  • I can begin teaching not only my art as therapy classes but hand building and sculptural classes as well
  • Everything will be on wheels so furniture can easily be moved and rearranged as needed – HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE
  • At least 36″ wide doorways

You see, my dream for this space is for so much more than just my own wants and needs.  My dream is that it becomes a place to gather. A place for my community to come together and create. I’ve talked A LOT about my Patreon account (update Jan2019 – no longer on Patreon) and the fact that all funds from my Patreon subscribers goes into my studio fund. What I haven’t mentioned, is that I’ve also been applying for various grants and getting my message of art as therapy out to the masses.  This space will further that very personal mission.  In this post and in the upcoming part 2, I figured I’d break it down even more. I have plans drawn up and I know (or at least have a rough idea) what needs to happen to get it built.

Basic Financial Breakdowns

Foundation Poured

Heat Pump

R30 Insulation


Vinyl Flooring




Estimated Total










     The figures to the left are the basics. I’m sure you’re thinking that I’ve left out the 2nd most expensive piece – the lumber!  Well, actually, I have not.  We live on 40 acres full of trees.  My husband and his grandfather (who owns a portable saw mill) will be milling ALL the lumber needed for my studio. So the estimated construction cost of almost $14,000, and then approximately $4,000 for basic furniture, and I can get my studio built for less than $20,000.

This isn’t a dream that I’m winging.  This is a goal and a plan that I am methodically working towards.  Milestone #1 for this build – is getting the foundation poured before the snow flies at the end of this year.  I have 6 months to raise/make $6,000 profit (probably closer to $7,500 once supply costs are taken into account)

Getting my studio built is something I know in my gut is the next step for me and my art business.  Not only my sculpting, but my teaching and creative business consulting. This is what is driving me….the desire to make it happen.  Below you’ll see a few pictures that depict my proposed space.  Just a sneak peak into the office/gallery space I’ve designed.  This is about 250 sq ft.  I’ll be breaking down the studio space part two later on.

This is the view as soon as you walk in the main entrance to the studio. The straight path to the studio is intentional – to make access easy when in a wheelchair. 

This is the view looking right when you walk through the main entrance. It will be the gallery area for sculpture display and the shipping/packing area.

This is the view looking left when you walk through the main entrance. This will be my office area, where all administrative  duties are performed.

So…this is part of my why. I dream of a space that is functional for ME. That works with me and my limitations; not against. A space that is warm, comfortable, efficient, and full of storage. A place for gathering and community outreach.

 If you’re interested in helping me reach my goals, but don’t think you can afford one of my sculptures – I’d like to invite you to join my members-only group (aka my Noble Empire) For as little as $5/month, you will be making an impact in the pursuit of this goal. There are several different options/subscription levels so you can choose the best fit for you.

Image showing a sketch/blueprint of an art studio with text overlay. Text overlay is the title of the blog.