Thank you for supporting me on Patreon, my artistic vision, and my art.  I would not be able to pursue my passion for sculpting without the support and patronage of people like you.

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Rachel K. – Wisconsin, USA
Mike H. – Maryland, USA
Johnny R. – USA
Ellis N. – Missouri, USA
Bondie M. – Texas, USA
Shannon J. – California, USA
Aixa O. – Oregon, USA
Jennifer V. – Pennsylvania, USA
Sabrina S. – Georgia, USA
Donnie B. – Texas, USA
Derek S. – Minnesota, USA
Tamara C. – Oregon, USA
Kriss J. – Kentucky, USA
Jan D. – Minnesota, USA
Mike L. – Virginia, USA
Joy I. – Texas, USA
Mark D. – North Carolina, USA
Abigail S. – California, USA
Angela L. – Virginia, USA

     Are you interested in being a participant in my artistic process?  Then please join me on Patreon and become a patron of my art!  My Patreon Patrons gain special access and  are able to weigh in on parts of my artistic process such as helping pick a name/title for a sculpture, providing input to specific color schemes, and eligibility to win a custom small sculpture (6″ or less). 

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