The below are my service providers for web hosting and payment processing.   Please refer to their privacy policies by following the links below.

PAYPAL – payment processor

STRIPE – payment processor

WORDPRESS – web host

SUPER SOCIALIZER – social media sharing app

As an artist, these are my promises to you regarding the safe keeping of your data:

All correspondence between my client and myself remains confidential.  Personal information is not shared, sold, or otherwise outsourced to 3rd parties. Your personal information is maintained for my records only.  You will not receive unsolicited emails or sales pitches – unless you have opted to receive them via my newsletter opt in on my website. While I personally do not collect any additional tracking data from my website (i.e. your ISP, geo-location, or any other potentially hidden information), cookies are utilized by my web host to help keep my site secure. You can opt to allow or not allow the collection of these cookies. Again, I don’t keep or see any of this information – the only data I maintain on my clients are what is voluntarily provided through the commission process and/or newsletter. You can review my cookie policy here.

Please note that I do not retain copies of any financial information – I do not save/have access to your credit cards or banking information.

If at any time you wish me to remove your information from my records,  please submit the request in writing (i.e. an email from the address previously provided to me) with verification that the person asking for the removal is a prior client/associate. Information will not be removed without identity confirmation.

Should I experience a data breach of any kind where my client’s information is involved, you (the client) will be notified of said breach and possible implications within 24-72 hours. Should any of my service providers (to include web and payment processors) be subjected to any breach you will be notified and kept informed as to possible implications as I am made aware of them.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please email me at