Artist Residencies/Workshops

       On this page you will find a list of artist residencies. Based on THEIR reported physical accessibility accommodations and/or description of facilities, a rating will be given to them. Ratings will be:  Very Accessible, Moderate, Minimal, None. If I have personal experience or receive accessibility statements from attendees, that information will be included.

Very Accessible : no physical accessibility barriers. Paved/compact crushed stone paths to get to all main areas, studios are accessible by manual wheelchair, little to no assistance required to fully participate in residency/workshop.

Moderately Accessible: Some physical accessibility barriers. Some paved/compact crushed stone paths to get to common areas, however not to all studios/work areas; some studios accessible by manual wheelchair, all are accessible by using crutches/canes/braces/walker/other mobility aids; some assistance required to fully participate in residency/workshop.

Minimally Accessible: Lots of physical accessibility barriers. Few if any of the paths to common areas are flat or maneuverable by manual wheelchair; none of the studios/work areas are accessible by manual wheelchair, at least 50% of them are accessible by using crutches/canes/braces/walker/other mobility aids; daily assistance required to partially participate in residency/workshop.

Not Accessible: Lots of physical accessibility barriers. None of the common areas are accessible by manual wheelchair, none of the workshops/studio spaces are accessible by wheelchair, less than 25% of studios are accessible using crutches/canes/braces/walker/other mobility aids.

Additional accessibility information will be included in the listing for each residency including ASL availability, medical care access (time/distance), dietary accommodations, etc.

Very Accessible

Mudstone Studios was established in September of 2007 as a communal workspace for artists and novices working in the ceramics medium. Founded by Ceramic sculptor Ellen Blomgren, Mudstone Studios’ mission is to provide an affordable and nurturing environment for all levels. Every artist, whether potter, sculptor, tile artist or slip caster, learns and grows from the influences and inspiration of the membership. Each member brings as much to the table as they take away.” –

Fields: Ceramics

Application Deadlines: None. Ongoing classes and workshops available


Neighborhood Clay is an exciting, fun and welcoming clay studio designed for teaching and learning about ceramic arts. We will be offering many different pottery classes, workshops and paint your own pottery for all ages in this new, large and sunny space. Everyone is invited to stop in and see what is happening and hopefully take a class (or many). There is also pottery made by Liz Proffetty as well as a selection of crafts for the home and body for sale.” –

Fields: Ceramics

Application Deadlines: None. Ongoing classes and workshops available

Additional Accommodations: Dietary restrictions/allergies taken into consideration. Bathroom is accessible. Attendant/Aid available if 1:1 attention is required. Instructors with experience teaching special needs students in traditional classroom setting.


Moderately Accessible

“PLAYA offers residencies of soul-expanding space, solitude, and community to artists and scientists whose creative inquiry and innovative dialogue help bring positive change to our environment and world.” –

Fields:  PLAYA’s residencies are open to scientists, naturalists, biologists, designers, sustainability leaders, social practice artists, musicians, visual artists, writers, performing artists, and collaborations and individuals engaged in interdisciplinary work or other forms of creative work

Application Deadlines :  February 15 – for residencies occurring in July – December of that year.     September 1 – for residencies occurring in January – June of the following year

Accessibility Information


Haystack is an international, non-profit, studio program in the arts, offering six
one- and two-week studio workshop sessions to craft-makers and visual artists
of all skill levels, led by prominent faculty artists. Haystack also offers
a residency program, conferences, a visiting artist series, spring and fall workshops specifically for Maine residents, and workshop series and mentorship programs for Maine high school students.” –

Fields: Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Graphics, Metals, Wood, Writing

Application Deadlines: March 1 –  Open Studio Residency & Scholarship Sessions 1-6.  April 1 – General Application Sessions 1-6


Personal experience – Haystack  is situated right on the ocean, with the campus built on the side of a cliff.  The parking lot is gravel. The campus has 1 ramp that leads up to the main deck.  There is 1 accessible cabin with a shower  that is on the main deck level. The cabin is connected to the main common area by a deck. All of the studios and remaining cabins are connected by a series of decks and shallow stairs. The Fab Lab and perhaps the glass making studio can be accessed by wheelchair. If you are able to do shallow stairs, you can access the remaining studios and cabins with other mobility aids.  For those who can use walking sticks/canes/crutches, the campus has a series of walking trails that can be used.

“At HALLOWELL CLAY WORKS we teach a variety of classes from sensorimotor experiences for pre-k to kids, teens and adult clay instruction.  We work to meet students exactly where they are and create a safe environment for learning whether you are a beginner or pursuing a career in clay. The studio environment promotes the development of fine craft skills and community.   We offer 8 week classes for adults (14 and older), 4 week kids classes, introductory workshops on wheel throwing and special hand-built (non-wheel)projects, we do parties, private lessons, tours and outreach. Contact us to discuss your needs. We also work with sensori-motor repair and healing using a technique called the Clay Field.” –

Fields: Ceramics
Application Deadlines: None. Ongoing classes and workshops available
Additional Accommodations: Attendant/Aid available if 1:1 attention is required.

Minimally Accessible

Not Accessible

“In 2007, American artist Stephen Pace bequeathed his summer home in Stonington for use by Maine College of Art as a residency and gallery, to ensure its continued use as an artistic haven.  Painting studio not accessible. Rest of house and studio could be accessed through back but might be difficult without lots of help. Very bare bones residency. Nothing provided except the facility.”  –

Fields: Visual Arts, Writing, Scholars

Application Deadlines: February 28