Arts Accessibility Project

        One of the things I talk about a lot is the phrase “arts accessibility” and the fact that I am an advocate for it.  In discussions with colleagues and friends, I realized that it isn’t really a clear term.  The passion I have for arts accessibility started when I was exploring different opportunities for artist residencies, workshops,  and seminars. As someone with mobility impairments, I always had to ask if the facility was accessible.  And no not accessible from the highway ……. but handicap accessible. One of the things I discovered was that most of the facilities are not friendly or easy to navigate for those of us who have any type of mobility impairment/disability.  This was a discovery made long before I became a teaching artist leader with the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative; it was then, however, that this Arts Accessibility Project was born.

       You can read a more in depth explanation about my five definitions of arts accessibility and why this is important to me in THIS BLOG What does arts accessibility even mean?.

       You can be a part of this project by filling out the forms below.  Either one of them or both if they are relevant to you.  The information gathered from these forms help inform where these resources page will go, what information to include, and what kind of arts accessibility classes/tutorials I will create as part of my own art practice.

Artist Residency/Workshop/Studio Accessibility

     For the current list on residencies/workshops/studios and their accessibility rating – go HERE. To add your insight on residencies – either ones you’ve attended or studios you own & operate – please fill out the form below.

Accessibility in the Classroom / Studio

     To add your insight on accessibility issues in the classroom/artist studio/in general when it comes to educating others please fill out the form below. This information helps inform my direction for what kind of information people need, what kind of classes and workshops to offer, etc.