So you may or may not know this about me…but I love to barter and trade.  I’ve traded goods for
some amazing handmade goods:  bamboo clothing from the lovely Katrina of
Amphitrite Studio (like the shirt and skirt I’m wearing in this picture), a gorgeous sea glass necklace from Lisa of Lisa J. Designs, hand sewn moccasins and leather journal from the talented Su-ana of Pohakanten Studios….just to name a few.

WELL, there’s a new community to help further the barter and trade way of living.  It’s called Simbi.  I just joined and it’s got a little bit of everything on it!  Art, music lessons, handyman services, virtual assistants, IT tech support…everything!  You can list goods and/or services, and it has a way to look for local folk if you need hands on services – like an electrician or a carpenter.  Check it out!!  The more people who sign up to help one another through the trading and bartering of services, the better off as a community we’ll be.  Communities like this thrive in numbers and diversity.