I think I’ve mentioned this before… but my husband is pretty amazing.  He’s my partner in life, in crime, and in business.  He is my business adviser, basically (we joke that his helping my business means he’s finally putting his business management degree to use..haha)

During one of our many conversations, we were discussing my new line of art miniatures. He knows how important it is to me for anyone who wants a piece of my art be able to have one – that’s why I’m working on diversifying my offerings.  I want to have something for everyone. He also knows that I’m reallly..no…REALLLLY… motivated to get the foundation poured for my handicap accessible studio before the next round of snow flies. (do ya see where we’re going with this yet??)

Earlier in our conversation I had mentioned setting aside at least 75% of all sales of my new art mini’s into my studio fund (yup, I have a separate savings account currently nick named – Studio Fund). The clever man that he is, my hubby suggested I name the standard edition puffin Stud. Stud for studio!  So that, my friends is how Stud Puffin got his name.


And then my friend Melissa was the first to purchase one of these little art mini’s. It was a gift for her mama. Well, mom LOVED it and took him to lunch to show him off to all her friends.  This is just one of the pictures that Melissa shared with me.  And little did she know….but she sparked the following challenge and idea.


So here’s the challenge for those who decide they need a Stud Puffin in their lives (standard OR limited edition):

  • Follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (I’d love to have ya follow me on both, but one or the other is fine 🙂 ) I will be doing most of the sharing for this challenge on Instagram however.
  • When you get your Stud Puffin, share a picture of him in a fun space! (Like drinking coffee, or in a bed of roses…use your imagination…but keep it PG please)  You can share right to my sculpting page if you’d rather not make a public post on FB.
  • Tag me (on either Facebook or Instagram)
  • When you share your picture, use the hashtag #StudPuffinSNMB

For every 50 entries (you HAVE to use that hashtag to be included – it’s the only fair way I know to make sure everyone who wants in has the opportunity) – I will draw a name for someone to win a standard edition Stud Puffin art miniature. If you already have one – they make great gifts! Just ask Melissa .  🙂   So we get to have a little bit of fun while helping me save the $5,000 I need to get that foundation poured by September 2018!