Paying Yourself a Living Wage as an Artist

Paying yourself a living wage as an artist is almost a taboo topic. I get comments about how unrealistic it is on a regular basis across various social media platforms. Just because you may not have had success with it doesn’t mean others are not…Find out why I know it’s possible. Read More

Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Place in Your Art Business?

Affiliate marketing used to put a really bad taste in my mouth. I definitely didn’t get the warm fuzzies. I thought that it would make me a “sell out” if I ever endorsed another product and pushed my affiliate link… over time, my opinion on this has changed. Find out why. Read More

Protopreneur Planner

Many people overlook how important it is to have systems in place to help keep you on task. After much trial and error, I came across the Protopreneur Planner and I LOVE IT!!! Find out why! Read More

Pricing Your Art

Pricing your art is a very subjective topic. I’ve seen posts about it in dozens of different places all with a slightly different take on it. But I’ve also seen the question posed in MANY of the art groups I’m in. This is my take on it and how I determine my prices. Read More

Risk Management for the Artist

Find out what risk management is and why YOU – YES YOU – as a creative or an artist should care about. For many of us creatives, we shy away from the business side of being an artist. That’s really not a good idea for a variety of reason.. Want to know why? Read More

Keeping A Business Going When Mother Nature Strikes

My business strategy for handling natural disasters as an artist and small business owner. What worked, what didn’t work. What we learned as a family and as a small business… .and what my plans are to mitigate risk moving forward. Read More