Fireworks as an Emotional Trigger

Fireworks can be an interesting topic in the Veteran community. Some really love them and some really hate them. I share my experience and my views in today’s post. Read More

Overcoming Hand Weakness

As a differently abled artist, finding new ways of using odd tools is part of my “job”. When my body doesn’t want to work the way I want it to, it forces me to get creative. Find out how I solved the problem of my fingers not wanting to push clay around. Read More

Simbi – A New Economy

Simbi      So you may or may not know this about me…but I love to barter and trade.  I’ve traded goods for some amazing handmade goods:  bamboo clothing from the lovely Katrina of Amphitrite Studio (like the shirt and skirt I’m wearing in this picture), a gorgeous sea glass necklace from Lisa of Lisa Read More