Keeping A Business Going When Mother Nature Strikes

My business strategy for handling natural disasters as an artist and small business owner. What worked, what didn’t work. What we learned as a family and as a small business… .and what my plans are to mitigate risk moving forward. Read More

WIP Wednesday – S.M.E.

Becoming a SME      A SME?  WHAT is that, right?  It’s an acronym/short abbreviation for the term Subject Matter Expert.  This part of my studio practice is ALWAYS a work in progress, even more so than my actual sculptures.      I will never be a SME on my animals.  With my varied interest Read More

WIP Wednesday – Indian War Elephant

Work In Progress – Indian War Elephant   Right now, I’m working on my 5th sculpture in my “Animals of War” series.  The first four have all been dogs of war.  With this piece, I wanted to push my boundaries.  Not only in changing up the species I’m sculpting, but also the SIZE.  It’s DOUBLE Read More