Work In Progress – Indian War Elephant

  Right now, I’m working on my 5th sculpture in my “Animals of War” series.  The first four have all been dogs of war.  With this piece, I wanted to push my boundaries.  Not only in changing up the species I’m sculpting, but also the SIZE.  It’s DOUBLE my previous pieces.  And for good reason.  Up until now, I’ve let the small size of my kiln dictate the size sculptures I create.  With the cold finish technique I primarily use now.. It doesn’t have to fit in my kiln in one piece.  That realization was a game changer! This will actually be fired in two separate pieces and joined with epoxy when finished.  The epoxy I use is sculptable, sandable, etc.  So when I’m finished, theoretically, you won’t be able to tell that it was ever in two pieces.

And yes….those ARE cut up pool noodles.  They make GREAT sculpture supports if you don’t use an armature.

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